As Black directors and senior leaders in organizations that impact the lives of diverse individuals and communities, our commitment to health equity is focused on helping to ensure that every human being can achieve their full health potential.

Health care and other disparities disproportionately impact Black people. While there are programs designed to help with particular aspects, the reality is that:

  • Often, they are temporary ̶ not because they don’t represent a successful approach but because they’re not connected to other viable programs that would allow for a more robust learning exchange based on real-world data and outcomes, and/or
  • There is a lack of consistent funding, which threatens their long-term viability.

We believe the most effective route to eliminating disparity is a multi-pronged approach that looks at the needs of the whole person and seeks solutions that build on existing, effective programs while examining new ideas; and connecting programs with policy ̶ specific rules and regulations, which are meant to achieve (or prevent) a specific goal or outcome. This can help to ensure that more people and health care entities ̶ are able to benefit.

To this end, we’re looking to promote data-informed strategies that:

  • Ensure access to high-quality care
  • Establish culturally appropriate care delivery networks
  • Invest in/partner with other organizations to identify long-lasting mechanisms to help diminish the impacts of social determinants of health, and
  • Identify/educate burgeoning leaders to increase the number of Black directors/senior executive leaders on Boards and within organizations committed to ending health disparity and inequity.


Focus time, energy, and money on eliminating disparities in health outcomes within Black communities – with immediate attention to COVID-19 and emerging infectious diseases, maternal health, cardiovascular disease, as well as algorithms and data – while accounting for the drivers of health and other social factors


Engage a variety of Healthcare Boards and their stakeholders to drive health equity and expand the pipeline of Black medical professionals in the health ecosystem, while also fighting against systemic bias (e.g., through specific training programs)


Educate and advocate for a more equitable healthcare system and root out adverse policies and regulations negatively impacting Black healthcare workers and Black health outcomes (e.g., race-based clinical algorithms and calculations)

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