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The Issues

African Americans remain the least healthy ethnic group in the USA, a somber legacy of years of racial and social injustice and a formidable challenge to equitable health care for all.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Issue: Infant Mortality

Blacks have 2.3x the infant mortality rate of non-Hispanic Whites.

CDC, Infant Mortality Statistics (2019)

Issue: COVID-19

34% of COVID-19 deaths were among the non-Hispanic Blacks though this group accounts for only 12% of total U.S. population.

CDC, COVID-19 Racial & Health Disparities (2020)

Issue: High Blood Pressure

Blacks aged 35-64 years are 50% more likely to have high blood pressure than Whites.

Blacks aged 18-49 years are 2x more likely to die from heart disease than Whites.

HHS, Office of Minority Health (2021)


Black Corporate Directors Link ESG, Health Equity in BDHEA-Deloitte Health Equity Playbook
Black Corporate Directors Link ESG, Health Equity in BDHEA-Deloitte Health Equity Playbook

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A Message from John Daniels
A Message from John Daniels

John Daniels Jr. Esq., BDHEA Board Chair, invites you to explore the BDHEA website to witness, understand and…


We are change agents, fostering and facilitating Board education for up-and-coming leaders; encouraging revised business models, spurring innovative thinking and action, and fighting for policy reforms that advance Health Equity for Black Americans.


Shaping the next generation of leaders and positioning them to be important voices where key decisions impacting health disparity/equity are made.


Financial streams to help ensure sustainability of successful approaches that support health equity by diminishing the impacts of social determinants of health.


Advocating for policies/policy reform that expand access to quality care and reimagines current structures so that more people can benefit.

Partnerships & Allies

Collaborative approach to identifying solutions that lead to improved health outcomes for Black people.


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Powering the future of

Health Equity